Surfspot Bad Hoophuizen is the place to be when it comes to learning to windsurf. This goes if you have never ever stood on a board before or whether you already ride to one or both sides; it’s always a exciting challenge to learn new moves.

Each watersportsenthusiast is different and learns in different ways. Because lessons are given in small groups, the needs of each individual are met and are compatible with your learn style. The instructor is not only there to merely teach you but will also motivate and support you in your learning process. Each instructor is trained by VDWS-standards and has a VDWS-licence to teach. VDWS is internationally a mark of quality and professionalism in watersports, hence we are pretty proud for Windy Waters being part of this association.

Level 0


An introlesson for all!

Expierence what windsurfing is all about… Step by step we get to know equipment thanks to basic exercises on the beach like using the sail in the wind. Try to get control the sail when it catches wind! After this we take the board out on the water and learn where you can and can’t stand to keep your balance.

Level 1


Get on the water, safe and self-reliant.

In three days you learn all about the basics of windsurfing. Safety and self-reliance are key. Besides all the basicmanoeuvres you also learn who gives way, winddirections and orginasing your session on the water.

The course ends with an exam so you’ll get an official internationally recognized windsurfing-license.

Level 2

Refresh- or transfercourse

How did it work again?

Are you able to go downwind by yourself but do you have trouble coming upwind? Or didn’t you windsurf for a while? During this course you windsurf by yourself under the supervision of our instructor who personally helps you to improve your surfskills.

This way you can get back safe on the water alone in no time!

Private lesson

Wanting to learn that one specific but pretty though move?

Using a harness, going into plane, doing a jibe, a waterstart or a jump etc.

A private lesson is welded to your needs in experience and level.

Hang Loose

Bambini Course

Start young, enjoy the rest of your life!

A course specially made fort hos young surf Groms and Grommettes who are still a litte to young to joint he beginners course but can’t wait to learn. Because of ultra-light inflatbale equipment the kids get going in no time. Learn windsurfing in a playfull manner! The course takes 3 days and costs €25,- per day.