Although this action-sport was already invented in the 17th century by George Pocock, kitesurfing is now really hot in the watersportscene. With a big kite in the air and a board under your feet you’ll plain over the water in no-time. Thanks to the hip-deep waters at our spot it’s the perfect place to start learning the basics.
Lessons are given to one or two persons at the time so safety and quality are one of our main concerns.

Safety first! Although kitesurfing is pretty exciting, because of the up-to-date equipment kitesurfing is no longer an extreme sport. There are different safety systems which all have a place in our course. One of the first things you learn is how they work and how you can handle them. Kitesurfing without proper training is by our standards pretty dangerous and therefor fiercely discouraged. Because of being a VDWS watersportcenter we are equipped with al necessary tools to give you the best and safest lessons possible and this all in a one-on-one, or two, setting.

Are you ready to be the next kitesurfing legend? And you think you got what it takes to go across the water in high speed? You can start your training at Windy Waters, our experienced instructors can help you start with the basics or can teach advanced kite-surfers.

! To book your lessons just contact us via email. Fill out the contact form on our site. Because of our private-lessons planning is easy and possible for each level. Therefor don’t forget to add your available dates and experience level and we will contact you soon !

Level 0


An introduction for all!

This introdcution lesson teaches you the listed things below by grabbing the bar yourself, under supervision of our instructor; The lesson is land-based unless said otherwise.

  • How to rig a kite
  • How the control bar and how safety systems function.
  • How to steer a kite by practising handeling a trainerkite
  • How a waterstart is done

After this introduction you have a clear grasp of what kitesurfing really is! And of course we’d love to help you progress further with our next level lessons.

Level 1

Getting started

Kite-control, kite-control, kite-control

To make kiting your next favorite sport there are a few basics which are really key. Kite-control is probabaly the most important one of them all. You learn about the stable positions of the kite and where it’s most powered. Instead of anticipating you learn how to control the kite and use this in your advantage. Also you learn how to get the kite safe on the water without having any pressure in the kite, all this with one simple trick.

Level 2

Refresh- or transfercourse

It only gets better!

We’ve covered kite control in the previous level, so you’re ready for the next step; Body-drag! Although without a board, we enter the water whilst controlling the kite. The kick starts when you’re playing with natures forces! When you’re able to control the kite even in a higher volicity your are ready fort he board. After a succesfull waterstart you make your first meters on the water. That’s what’s it all about.


Meet the brand


In kitesurfing activities we are fully convinced by the concepts of kitebrand Eleveight. Especially whilst beginning to learn kitesurfing you want your equipment to be stable and reliable, easily to operate and not prone to giving too high pressure in the kite when you don’t want to.

Eleveight has developed the PS series to meet those needs. PS stands for Progression and is made for beginning kiters. Fullgrown kites, with all the specs you want a kite to have, but still perfect in supporting you in your journey to become a kiter.